Málaga one of the best areas to live in Spain

Marlyn Misle 06/04/2014

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Although the Malaga spell involves all areas of the city. You will see, when you have installed you will notice in all its corners. For example in the Barrio del Centro Historico, an area that brings together countless charms. Its history is still perceived in its streets. Because if those people that we have named before wanted to leave their mark in such a privileged place, you will not want to be less either. When you walk down the Calle Marqués de Larios, you will be able to evoke a recent, but nineteenth-century past, after all. Constituted as the artery that spreads the city, it is a chimera to contain the impulse to enter any of its stores. Absentmindedly walking around its cobblestones is a hobby for the people of Malaga, especially since the street became a pedestrian street. An entertainment that will become part of your new routine.